Project Results

Project Result 1

LINKS Digital Sovereignty Competences Framework: The Framework of Digital Security Competences will define the key components of competences needed by youth workers to effectively integrate digital sovereignty and security protocols into their localized contexts, as well as to provide and validate an EU reference framework for developing and evaluating digital security competences. The framework will target youth workers, but will also be relevant and of interest to pre-service / in-service ICT teachers and trainers and educators, as well as educational and lifelong learning policy makers, relating to the technological up skilling and capacity building of individuals.

Project Result 2

LINKS online platform and training material on Digital Sovereignty Competences: Based on the key skills and competences recognized and included in the LINKS Digital Sovereignty Competences Framework, PR2 activities will focus on the development of an innovative training material aiming to enable youth workers develop the necessary competences in order to increase the level of their digital sovereignty as well be able to train other people within their work. The training material will provide youth workers with a package of digital learning resources designed based on the concept of micro-learning: short and coherent learning nuggets delivered in multimedia formats aiming to promote blended learning methodologies. The digital learning nuggets will include a variety of resources such as interactive games, podcasts, e-learning videos, interactive case studies, infographic resources, etc. In order to ensure the training material’s transferability and sustainability, it will be made available through the LINKS online platform. Both the training material and the platform will be available in English and in all partners’ national languages.

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